TNT is here!

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello darlings!

Who remembers this cheer from high school?

TNT, TNT, _____________ (insert team name) got that TNT, all it takes is a little spark to blow your mind, blow your mind!

Oh? No one remembers? That cheer was an original from Tashara’s high school?

The point is, Tasha and Tashara (TNT) are here! Our goal is to add a little spark to your life and blow your mind! We will frequently update this page and our youtube page with innovative makeup tips, affordable style and home decor ideas and tidbits here and there to spice up your life, your wardrobe and your humble abode!

Feel free to comment, Tweet us, or email us with suggestions and questions! We want to meet your needs!

If you want to know more about both of us go here.

Check out our individual pages (Tasha, Tashara) to find out more about us, then head over to our TNTStyle page to determine which T fits your personaliTy!

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