2 words.. Just Fabulous

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello darling dolls!

It is a February love affair here at TNTBombDotCom! In following our monthly pursuit, Tasha and I both agree that JustFab is on top of our love list! What better way to pursue fabulous than to buy items from a website with the word fabulous in it?! Head on over to www.JustFab.com  to purchase fashion forward purses, shoes, jeans and jewelry! It is JustFab’s birthday, so help them celebrate by buying yourself a fabulous gift! If you’re a little sketchy about buying online or iffy about the quality of the products at JustFab, NEVER FEAR, Tasha and I have both posted videos on our Youtube site showing off our goodies. Go check your bank account, make sure you have $39.95, and splurge! You deserve it! The shipping is free, so there is no excuse!

Happy Birthday, JustFabulous! Thank you for two years of fabulousness! The JustFab love doesn’t stop here. Later on this week, Tasha will post a how-to-video showing off a JustFab inspired smokey eye. Now, go order your shoes, purse, or jewelry. I’ll help you pick out a complementing outfit and Tasha will give you some face beating tips! We’ve got you covered from head to toe, honey!

Carpe diem dolls,


Fashion is a lifestyle. Live to the fullest.