Go Greek!!

by TNTBombDotCom

After eating a boring turkey sandwich for lunch, I wanted something to tickle my tastebuds without skewing my calorie and sugar count for the day. I put spinach and a little arugula on my sandwich, but it just didn’t supply me with the punch that I desired. For dessert, I ate an orange, but I still had a lingering sensation for sweet. I sat and pondered what I could do to satisfy this craving. —> Pondering  Then it hit me! I remembered I decided to buy some Greek Yougurt Parfait by YoCrunch. If you click those links, you’ll be led to the website where you can get coupons! Woohoo! Everyday is double discount day at Kroger, so if there’s a store near you, make sure you add YoCrunch to your grocery list.

I mixed in the provided granola and indulged in a delicious treat for only 110 calories! I can’t remember the sugar count, but hey it’s better than eating a Twix! The 4 pack is less than $3 and with your coupon you can get up to $2 off! Browse the website to pick the perfect match for you! I also enjoy Oikos Greek Yogurt by Dannon.  They’re $1 a piece at Wal-Mart and worth every piece of that dollar, honey! Spice up your lunch or dinner and go out and buy some of this thick, creamy, delectable, UH-MAAZING, yogurt. Even if you don’t like yogurt, greek yogurt is completely different from what your taste buds are accustomed to!

Check out the gallery below of me enjoying my treat!

Carpe diem dolls,

Tashara ❤