Check out my Crib!

by TNTBombDotCom

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Hello my darling dolls! Tashara here.

I told you guys I’d show some home decor tips and now is the time! Below you can see some of my favorites from my bedroom. I have to say that my bedroom is my sanctuary. I love everything about my room. I feel so at home and my bed is UH-MAAZINGLY comfortable! I hope you guys like it, if not it doesn’t matter because I’m the only one sleeping in there! Bulleted lists are my new favorite thing for February. Let me strike a match and help make your house the bomb!


  • Coffee beans not only look good in a vase, but they also smell UH-MAAZING. You can use any size or shape glass vase, pour in flavored beans, top with artificial or real flowers and you’ve got a centerpiece for under $10! Also, if flowers aren’t your thing, place tealight candles on top of the beans. If you light the candles it intensifies the smell of the beans.
  • Curtain rod + shower hooks = Perfect jewelry organizer. Hang a curtain rod somewhere in your room, bathroom or hallway. Hang necklaces or earrings on shower hooks and you have an innovative, accessible and cute way to display your jewelry and keep your necklaces from tangling!
  • Got an old picture frame that you don’t know what to do with? Tired of not knowing how to store your earrings? Glue strips of lace on a picture frame and you have a sexy earring holder! Bling and bedazzzle the picture frame for a little pizzazz! If you’re really fancy, place patterned scrapbook paper behind the frame.
  • Wall stickers are a contemporary, hassle free, easy way to give your walls some character! I have a chandelier wall sticker above my headboard and it’s blinged out with rhinestones! In my living room, (which I will show you guys later) I have stickers of quotes. I love pictures, but hate nailing holes in the wall. I surrounded a wall sticker quote with a collage of photos. You can form the photos into a shape, but I just didn’t have time for all of that. For instance, get a wall sticker quote about love and surround it w/pics of your and your boo in the form of a heart. Use adhesive for the pictures or rhinestones stickers from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. The pictures will come right off the wall without ruining the paint.
  • Did you see the old school clock that I have on my nightstand? I love it. I don’t set the alarm because there is no am/pm option. It’s more for looks, but isn’t it so cute? Find some traditional, classic pieces to mix with a modern/contemporary themed room.
  • The black wood chair that I have in my room is another example of a classic/contemporary mix. Black wood makes my insides tingle! I love it! The cushion of the chair has random cursive words (I think it’s French words. I honestly don’t know), but the body of the chair gives me a traditional feel. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your pillows! Mix texture, fabric, pattern and colors. Matchy/matchy is out, honey! Mixy/mixy is it! You can do the same with your sheets. My fitted sheet is the salmon sheet that matches the pillows and the top sheet is white and gray damask. When you make your bed, pull your comforter back half way, pull your sheet out to meet the ends of the exposed comforter, then fold the comforter up an inch. This exposes the cohesiveness of all three elements!
  • Speaking of mixy/mixy, my lamps and curtains are damask patterned, but the colors are the inverse of each other. Find a pattern that you like and mix and match the dominate colors. My curtains are black with white pattern, but my lamps are white with black pattern.
  • I am the worst at remembering things. I love post-it notes and making lists, but ALWAYS lose the post-its. Get a cheap frame of any size, put a piece of scrapbook paper behind it (or even a picture) and you have an instant dry erase board! I blinged out (of course) my frame with rhinestone stickers from Michael’s. You could paint the frame, write quotes with a paint pen, use glitter, random buttons or pinto beans and macaroni if you’re channeling your Kindergarten days. Whatever works for you, honey!

I hope you guys enjoyed the mini tour of my crib! If you have any questions or want some suggestions on how to spruce up your humble abode and make it explode, feel free to email me at Tweet us! Like us on Facebook! Of course, you can go check out the video on Youtube to get a better visual!

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤