Sprung on Spring

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello my darling dolls! Tashara here.

Who’s excited about Spring? Tasha and I are just dying for Spring to come. I admit, Fall/Winter is my favorite season, but after a while I get tired of the boots, the itchy wool sweaters, and the thick layers! The stores are beginning to bring in colors, shorts and skirts are appearing, and fabric is getting thinner. So what are the trends for this Spring? Of course I have a bulleted list prepared for you! I will include pictures of items that I personally own. I comprised this list myself by perusing through stores and flipping through magazines. Now introducing my personal favorite 10 trends for Spring!

  1. Statement Jewelry. I have discovered an amazing place to get jewelry from such a lovely woman who is focused on customer service. I have started buying my jewelry from Ty the Jewelry Lady. If you go to Facebook you can order jewelry auction style! I love this. It’s so exhilarating and fun! Go to Facebook, Tyesha posts pictures, you leave a comment with your email, she emails your invoice and you have 15 minutes to pay before the jewelry is sold to someone else. So fun! Keep proportion in mind while you’re browsing.  If you have a short neck and you pick out a chunky, breastplate necklace, it will look like you’re wearing a bedazzled neck brace and if your neck isn’t broken that’s never a good look.  As far as color, the magazines were raving about blue, green and mint green for Spring. In addition to that, I recommend gold and various hues of pink, orange, and yellow.

 2. Colorblocking. Since I love color, color blocking is like a dream come true for me. What is color blocking, you ask? It is as simple and self-explanatory as you think-blocks of color. Colorblocking can be “pre-made” and bought straight out of the store OR you can create your own color block. If you’re not sure what colors to mix, here’s a little tip. Go to the paint section in Wal-Mart and look at the paint swatches. Gather up some of your favorite colors and play around with the cards. Take these with you when you go shopping! I’ve attached a pair of color block platform Mary Janes by Guess that I own. These were a little pricey, but you can get a similar pair from JustFab or Target. Mary Janes aren’t just church shoes for little girls anymore. They’re back and they’re sexy!

3. Neon. Since we’re speaking of colorblocking, you should know that neon is in for Spring! Neon colored cropped pants, shorts, and skinny jeans are it! You can get gorgeous skinny jeans from American Eagle. If you want to save a little cash go to Old Navy. The colors aren’t as bright, but they’re not terrible either. Bright pencil skirts are a fabulous way to go from work to night! Here’s an example of a neon pencil skirt that I own. I got it on sale at Express and I  love it. Isn’t it uh-maazing?! This outfit is a perfect example of mixing and matching! Yes, those are electric blue pumps that my darling Tasha gave me one Christmas!

4. Maxi skirts. I love this look, but then again I like a hippie look in Spring. If you’re a tall girl and you can’t find a skirt that’s long enough, here’s a little tip for you my statuesque sister! Buy a strapless maxi dress and wear it as a skirt! I recently purchased a pleated (yes, pleats are back!), lime green, chiffon maxi skirt with a satin belt from Old Navy. Yes, it is as gorgeous as it sounds. I plan to wear it with a white v-neck shirt, pink floral scarf, light denim jacket, and leopard flats/sandals. I’m still on the hunt for a denim jacket.

5. Floral. Speaking of hippie, floral is in for spring! WOOHOO! Can y’all tell how overjoyed I am? Mixing prints is a must for spring. If you think floral is too busy for you, go for more spread out prints instead of clustered prints. Also, pick vibrant colors. Dull floral gives a little house on the prairie type of look and I cannot get down with that. If you’re more comfortable with a toned down floral, grab a bright skinny belt to make the print pop a little bit more. The Jason Wu line at Target is affordable and so darling! Let me just repeat that Target also has uh-maazing shoes. You should RUSH to target for their Mossimo platform pumps that come in every bright color you need and are on sale now for $28. I literally drooled over a hot pink pair. Thankfully, my friend talked me out of buying them, but you better believe I’ll be there next pay day! 🙂

6. Kimono style tops. Have you seen those shirts that look like when you spread your arms you’ll fly away? It’s like a cape and the bodice of the shirt and the sleeves are connected? I LOVE THESE TOPS! They can be dressed up or down. The leopard top I have on in the picture with the neon pencil skirt is a kimono top. They’re all not as dramatic as I described. In addition to the leopard one you saw above, and the floral one you’ll see below, I own a solid, gorgeous mustard colored one as well. Get one of these shirts, complement with a colored or print tank and wear with shorts or skinny jeans. These tops are so versatile! Below is me in my floral kimono. Sorry I don’t have a full shot. I promise I’m going to buy a full length mirror one of these days! I wore this with dark denim skinny jeans and nude heels

7. Metallic heels. Heels are the answer to any outfit, but a metallic heel goes above and beyond.  Even if you just get gold or silver, these heels will transform your whole outfit and make it pop! These aren’t metallic, but they are sparkly! 8. High-low. At first I thought that high-low hemlines were stupid, but now I like it. Skirts that are above the knee in the front and hit the mid-calf in the back work for anyone of any height. Now, shirts that flirt near the midsection and dip low in the back are not for everyone, but you can make it work with a tank underneath. This is an easy way to mix prints or colorblock.

9. Last but certainly not least, African and animal prints. Now, these prints are always a trend for me. I think that animal print is a necessity for everything in your life. Mixing African prints with bright colors is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to animal print. Here are a few combinations: Zebra + hot pink. Leopard + red. Gray & black cheetah print + yellow. I could go on and on for days, but those are the simplest combos.

10. Confidence! Put together any outfit that you want, but make sure your number one accessory is confidence!  If you walk like you know you’re gorgeous and own your outfit instead of it owning you, a belted trash bag would look uh-maazing! Dare to be different, take chances, experiment with different textures, embrace color and WORK IT OUT!

Carpe diem dolls,

Tashara ❤