2012 Oscar Wrap-Up

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls. Tashara here (of course).

I know I’m a little late, but I was on a plane flying back from D.C. when the Oscars were airing. Y’all already know I was beyond mad that I missed the red carpet, but spending time with my G-hub for his birthday was much more important than fashion. *Gasp* Yes, some things are more important than fashion ūüôā There’s not too many things though. Since there were so many looks¬†that¬†I despised, I decided to¬†review¬†the looks that I loved. Is there some type of personal stylist strike going on and celebrities are being left to fend for themselves? I’m totally available for hire, folks! Some of the looks I saw on the carpet were appalling!

Before I even go into the fashion, let me just say that I’m not that much of a fan of natural hair on most people, but Viola Davis is ROCKING that natural! Werk, ma’am! She had to werk¬†something because that gown was atrocious. While we’re speaking of Viola Davis, let’s discuss other actresses¬†from The Help. (All of my pics are from MTV.com–I feel like I need to include this or someone will come after me!)

 Octavia Spencer has been dominating the red carpet this season. Being an Alabama native, I am proud of her not only for winning an Oscar, but also for being so fierce on the carpet and dressing those curves to perfection! Octavia, girl, please stick with Tadashi Shoji. This dress created an hourglass figure that would make Angelina Jolie jealous! (And she should be because Ang needs to gain a few pounds).

Emma Stone¬†can do no wrong in my eyes. I saw that people were complaining about the bow around her neck, but I love it! It is sophisticated and chic. The color of this Giambattista Valli Couture complimented Emma’s hair color and skin tone. Say what you want, but I think she looked UH-MAAZING.

Oh, Natalie Portman why did you do this? This Christian Dior gown is reminiscent of a lady bug. I know polka dots are in for Spring, but honey, this isn’t the look. And this hair is so boring. I wish the dress would have given me less and the hair could have given more.

When I saw Glenn Close in this custom Zac Posen I screamed, “YES!!” and then gave two snaps! She is crushing actresses that are half her age! This color is gorgeous, she’s gorgeous, her body is UH-MAAZING. The blazer completed this ensemble and sealed it as a Glenn Close original. I will say that I could have done without the¬†spurting¬†of green in the back, but it’s Glenn Close! She’s a¬†legend and¬†can do what she wants!

Milla JovovichРOLD HOLLYWOOD. This one-shoulder Elie Saab gown literally took my breath away. I gasped! She looks absolutely gorgeous. I seriously have no more words. Just admire this.

Gwyneth Paltrow¬† has on a cape and I am¬†living, breathing, and fulfilled! ¬†This Tom Ford concoction is so dramatic, I can’t even deal. I almost fainted, because I love this so much. And do you see this pose?!

I know I said I was only going to do the looks that I loved, but if anyone knows me y’all know Marchesa is the reason for my existence but THIS has made me question life.

Stacy Keibler is a nice looking girl and she pulls off this color well. The material is gorgeous, but¬†there is no reason to have this rose contraption protruding from her hip. It is too much for her small frame. It¬†looks like a growth sticking out. I’m so baffled and completely devastated.

I’m an Alexander McQueen lover, so when I saw a pic of Jessica Chastain my first thought was, “Who is this?” Then I thought,”It doesn’t matter. This has to be McQueen!” Low and behold, when I scrolled down, I saw that it indeed was McQueen. The gold on this black is magnificent! The embroidery¬†is UH-MAAZING. It fits her like a glove.

You have to love anyone named Busy.¬†I feel like this¬†Dolce & Gabbana¬†gown is something I would wear even though it does give me an old thrown out couch type of feel. The pulls¬†and gathering at the waist does wonders for¬†her already spectacular body.¬†I love the contrast of the earrings and shoes, which is also something I would do. I like that the dress is slightly short so that you can get that pop of color from the shoe, which is much-needed. Our similarities end here. I would have done my hair for the red carpet and this is something Busy Phillips did not do. Eh. This look is okay. Maybe I just put her in here because her name is Busy? (Yes, I know it’s not her legal name).

To continue with my confusion, here is Louise Roe in Black Halo. I like that this is suit and a gown so like a suown? gouit? Don’t even try to pronounce those. This is a nice color and the belt is to die. Plus, she’s pretty. I think I like it.¬†It’s no Glenn Close original, but I¬†think it’s okay. Eh.

Jennifer Lopez looked stunning in Zuhair Murad. I feel like her hair was too contrite, almost giving her a homemade facelift. The gown was sort of like an optical illusion, but also pleasing to the eye. Work out, J-lo!


That is all for the women! Stay tuned for my review of the men of the red carpet! Idris Elba wore Louboutin sneakers to the Grammy’s and my love for him grew deeper. His explanation was, “Why are women the only ones who get to wear red bottoms to these things?” I just felt that I needed to share that with y’all.

Carpe Diem Dolls,