2012 Men’s Oscar Wrap Up

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls. Tashara here (of course).

Who doesn’t like looking at scrumptious men in tuxedos?! Let’s not even wait. (All pictures from MTV.com)

Let me clear my throat and sing to Pharrell Williams. *Ahem* “Beautiful, I just want you to know. This is one of my favorite looks.” Pharrell looks so handsome! Don’t you agree? I do think that the tux is a wee bit tight, but it’s better than pulling a Matthew Lillard and wearing a 3X suit. (I discuss this later). Hopefully, Pharrell didn’t pop a button when he took his seat. The satin lining on the lapel and vest is everything. This bowtie is slightly crooked to match this smile, but it appears to be velvet which totally makes up for the slant. I’m going to assume that the tux was wrinkled in the limo ride to the venue. Aside from that, Pharrell gets approval from me!

Raise your hand if you’re tired of this baby part P. Diddy is rocking. He just looks disoriented. This suit has made me yawn three times. Was Natalie Portman his date? I just can’t get into shirt sleeves being longer than the blazer. I can’t. I’m done.

I really want Jonah Hill to have a Weight Watchers commercial! I am personally 100% in LOVE with this tux. The pants are kind of long, but I can get over that. As you should know, I am not a fan of a boring, blah, unexciting, black tux (P.Diddy) and Jonah took a risk with this look. Satin is always a yes in my book, so the pockets, bowtie and lapel are definitely winners! I wish I would have seen this in person just to see how the shirt reflected against the tux.  I have no idea what color this shirt is which intrigues me and makes me love it even more. Tell me you love how Jonah’s hair is sculpted to the heavens! The fiercest winds couldn’t dissemble that do’. Bravo, Jonah, bravo.

Is it just my computer or are all of these bow ties gangster leaning? Seriously, is there a stylist strike? I really need to know. Don’t crucify me, but I really think Zachary Quinto looks good.  The blue satin lapel against the charcoal gray is UH-MAAZING. He’s giving me Clark Kent and I like it. 2 thumbs up, Quinto.


We can’t talk about blue without discussing Christopher Plummer’s navy velvet blazer! The piping around the lapel gives it even more flair. And to top it all off, his bow tie is straight! Now this is the definition of debonair.

So Matthew Lillard dropped by Men’s Wearhouse and rented the only tux that they had available? These sleeves are too long, this tux is too big, this hair is awful, and these shoes look like a cross between formal Nike’s and orthopedic shoes. On the plus side, his bow tie is straight.

That’s all for the guys, y’all! I hope you enjoyed this little review! Have you checked out my 2012 Oscar Wrap up of the ladies of the red carpet? If you haven’t, GO! 🙂 

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Carpe Diem Dolls,