Brows 101

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

Tasha has resurrected! She’s starting off March with a quick and easy brow tutorial! I am personally excited about this brow tutorial. Since I bought the Damone Roberts brow pencil my life has changed. I even made a video about it! That’s how serious I am about this pencil. Honestly, I’m just now getting my brows the way that I want them. I switched from Spiked by MAC to Minx Damone Robert’s and it’s been a struggle, but now I’m comfortable.

I’ve been BEGGING Tasha to do a brow tutorial and now you have it! She will show you two different ways to sculpt your brows! This will be the best 9 minutes and 47 seconds you will ever spend! Enjoy!