Casual Friday

by TNTBombDotCom

Hey Darling Dolls!

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you! I’m posting twice in one day! Check out my Pimp Your Kitchen post if you haven’t already 🙂

I spend Monday – Thursday in a pencil skirt or a dress, so on Friday’s I take the phrase “casual Friday” to a new level!

I am absolutely in love with this maxi skirt from Old Navy. I will admit it was a little bit annoying to deal with. I slammed it in my car door this morning and constantly ran it over with my chair at work, but it made me feel so fun and girly. There were many times at the office today where I wanted to do a whimsical, interpretive dance down the halls, but I had to sustain my urges. Wouldn’t you want to dance in this skirt and these flats?

What I’m wearing:

Old Navy head to almost toe

  • Pleated Maxi Skirt
  • Gold skinny belt
  • White Vneck
  • Light denim blue jean jacket
  • Leopard scarf

Also, I’m wearing the NYX Gypsy Blue Eyeliner  that I bought the other day. I put it on around 7:40 a.m. and smudged it a little. I have a terrible cold, my eyes have been watering all day and I sneeze every 26 minutes, but the liner has stayed strong through all of that. I’m definitely getting more colors!

I hope everyone had a Fantastic Friday!!! 🙂 I’ve gotten some requests on how to do winged liner, so hopefully I can show you my skills! Maybe. Your challenge for this weekend is to do something daring! Wear 5″ heels.. mix animal print and stripes.. experiment with makeup, hair, wardrobe! Then come back and tell me how liberated you feel! I can only hope that you can find something to wear that makes you feel as good as this skirt made me feel today! 🙂

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤