Pimp Your Kitchen

by TNTBombDotCom

 Happy Friday Darling Dolls!

I’m wearing what I like to call my Foxy Cleopatra Goldmember flats! I’m also floating around the office in my pleated maxi skirt  from Old Navy! Speaking of Old Navy, I purchased some high rise shorts for $10 the other day! Woohoo! 

I was rushed this morning, but I’ll post pics of my outfit later today! Who watched Tasha’s brown tutorial yesterday?! Go check it out!

Enough about clothes, let me show you my new purchase for my kitchen.


These are my giraffe print knives from Woot.com. Aren’t they darling?! My friend who is an awesome mom, wife, cook, baker, and scientist sent me a link for these knives and I had to have them! They’re also available in leopard and zebra print. They even came with these cute covers. Woot has some affordable and cute finds, so head on over and order something to pimp your home!



While I’m here, I’ll give a quick home tip. I use wine  glasses as cooking utencil holders in my kitchen. In my bathroom, I use wine and martini glasses as brush, eye/lipliners, lipstick holders in my bathroom. It looks classy, but also contemporary. That’s my home tip for the day!

I hope everyone has an UH-MAAZING weekend! ❤

Carpe Diem Dolls,