No hair, Don’t Care

by TNTBombDotCom

Hey darling dolls!!

Happy Monday! I’ve missed you guys! Life has gotten busy and a little crazy (in a good way). I didn’t have much time to blog last week, but I will make up for it this week! As I said, life has gotten a little crazy and in that whirlwind of craziness I decided to take my weave out AND cut my hair. Okay, I had a little help with the hair cutting decision. I will admit that when the beautician turned me around I wanted to die. This is way shorter than I anticipated, but I’m used it now and I’m working it. Plus, it’ll grow back! I’m a down home Southern girl who firmly believes in big hair! So now I’ve gone from 3 packs of teased 20″ weave to this..

I wish y’all could see the color better, but unfortunately my phone doesn’t have a flash. 😦 I change up my hair a lot, but this is the shortest that I’ve ever gone. What do you guys think?! If you’ve never done something drastic, try it! Remember when I told you how my lime green maxi skirt pretty much gave me a new perspective on life? This hair has done the same thing. So I encourage you once again, take a chance, do something daring and don’t regret it!

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤