Express Semi-Annual Sale!

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

Before you even read this click this –> NYX FACE AWARD CONTEST VIDEO and vote for  Tasha’s video!!!!!!! Thank you! The person who helps us get the most likes will get all the goodies that I purchased during my NYX Haul from Ulta! Now on to business! Express is having an UH-MAAZING Semi- Annual Sale!!!!

I’ve been stalking Express for a week now. The items in my cart online were patiently waiting, but I never order anything until I can find a free shipping coupon code. The clearance kept reducing, but I could never find the a coupon code! I was in the mall returning some American Eagle jeggings and skinny jeans because even the X-long were too short (I’m too upset to even discuss this) and after a horrible experience in H&M, I decided to try Express. I had my 15% coupon in my purse and I was ready until I was informed my coupon couldn’t be used on clearance! BOOOOOO!  I ended up spending $36, yall!! Here’s what I purchased: sheer floral kimono blouse, net tunic-y top, chandelier earrings, zebra print bangle

My jewelry was $5.99 each, y’all! WOOHOO! I’m wearing the net tunic-like shirt & earrings to go bowling tomorrow! I will definitely post pics and my makeup look w/ my BH Cosmetics Jenni Rivera Palette. Did I mention that you need to go vote for Tasha’s video for NYX FACE AWARD CONTEST? GO VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! WE NEED LIKES!!!!!

Carpe Diem dolls,

Tashara ❤