Animal Print Antics..

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

So.. I was perusing and came across a picture of LaLa Vazquez-Anthony on a girls night out..

Y’all. I had a different blog planned for today to showcase more of my discounted K-Mart goodies, but when I saw this picture I couldn’t even function or tweet correctly. Y’all, I absolutely adore animal print. There was zebra print at my wedding, okay! I am serious about my prints. In my living room I have a giraffe statue named George and a zebra statue named Larry. I own a giraffe print knife set, y’all. I even blogged about it! I try to wear some type of animal print 3 times a week. Y’all get the point, right? This pants suit..

Let me just start with what I do like..

  • Lala’s pony is giving me life. I love it. I’m loving pony’s now a days and this two toned color is lovely! I was inspired by a Kim Kardashian ponytail for my birthday and Lala’s pony has inspired me even more.
  • A red lip is always a yes in my book! A matte red lip gets a yesssss, girl werk!
  • This is a great shoe choice. It appears to be satin and I love that it’s not a round toe pump.
  • Lala’s brows are always everything and more.
  • I am and will forever be a lover of studs.

I’m pressed. La is giving me chalky/ashy foundation and she usually looks like a bronzed goddess.  This tank is just not working. It’s bunched in the front and these pants are just so sorry. I wish they were more tapered at the bottom and less fitted at the top. I just can’t with this whole leopard print suit. If she had on black skinny legs jeans or a pencil skirt, this would be absolutely fab, but these pants are not working. This will be one of the few times that I’ll agree with MTO, but Lala’s cleavage is the saving grace for this outfit. Like seriously, who styled this? Her sleeves aren’t even equally rolled up. I won’t even discuss this grandma bag that she’s carrying.

I was seriously affected by this. I am personally affected when animal print goes wrong and this is one of those cases. Lala, honey, please don’t do this to me again. What do you guys think of this look? Leave comments and let me know!

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤