Double Extend for the Win!

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

Here’s a quick review of one of my K-Mart goodies that I got for 50% off!

L’Oreal Double Extend mascara is everything and more. UH-MAAZING. I bought the CoverGirl Lash Blast with a coupon and was thoroughly disappointed. I went on and on about how much I loved L’Oreal back in college and then switched to Maybelline because Lash Stiletto & XXL changed my life. Double Extend retails for $10, but I bought it for $5. Whoever named this mascara was right on point. Just use the primer and two coats of  mascara and your lashes will extend to the high heavens! The only problems I have is that the brush is a little bit too thick for my taste. Also, I’ve experienced a little clumping, but not enough to deter me from using it.

I have tried mascara after mascara after mascara after mascara and I promise nothing has been comparable to Maybelline’s Stiletto and XXL, but L’Oreal’s Double Extend is up to par! If I’m giving a mascara aside from Maybelline a Tashara stamp of approval, then you know it’s serious! Have any of you tried this mascara? If you haven’t, it’s definitely worth the $10!

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤