by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

I’m back with my favorite looks from the 2012 Met Ball. If you haven’t checked out the review on the looks I hated, then go read Metrocious now! Once again, Thank you to Yahoo! for the pics. I started the other blog discussing Queen Bey’s look at the Met Ball, so let’s follow suit and discuss her younger sister Solange‘s look. By the way, I was informed that Beyonce stans are called the “Beehive” but I like honeybee’s better. Anyway, I usually hate peplum, but Solange is werking this Rachel Roy dress! This bright yellow is perfect for her skin tone and Solange’s clutch is life.  The simple, but sophisticated accessories work so well with this look. Take a moment to admire Solo’s flawless face. WERK!

  Speaking of flawless faces, get your life right now from Ivanka!

I need to get on this Hollyweird post baby work out. This Peter Pilotto gown is uh-maazing!  There is a lot going on at the top. It’s a very classy way to do bondage. This is the kind of drama that I like and can appreciate. Do we even need to discuss the magnificence of these bangs? Perfection!  Let’s look at another beauty in blue. Come on Brook Shields! This is how you do 46. This is also how you do a cane. This is how you do the Met Ball! Go Brooke, just go girl!

Let’s switch gears a little and look at some pants suits. Zac Posen is a genius designer. Isn’t this color gorgeous! That lapel & that bowtie! Yes! I’ve never seen a tux fit so perfectly. I won’t discuss Zac’s date. Focus all your attention on him.

Let’s keep going with gorgeous. Who loves Gerard Butler? Isn’t he so scrumptious? Just gawk at him in this Alexander McQueen tux. Go ahead, gawk. You have my permission.

Let’s end our journey of tuxedos with a tailored jumpsuit.

I love and adore Janelle Monae more than most people do. Now, I don’t understand her all the time, but I still live for her. This jumpsuit was made for Ms. Monae. Do you love how the brooch matches her earrings. So classic. Janelle’s face is absolutely mesmerizing.

As I was browsing through pictures, I had to find someone who wore Marchesa. I might live for Janelle Monae, but honey I die over Marchesa and McQueen. Remember that!

This is a semi-peplum situation, but I enjoy it. Do you see the intricacy of this gown? Seriously, get really close to your screen right now and be in awe. Sofia’s face is giving nothing. I guess the hairstylists decided to join the wardrobe stylists strike, but who cares. From the neck down, Sofia Vergara is serving Marchesa marvelousness!

Lastly, y’all are going to hate me for this, but Florence Welch and I have a connection. I actually understand this tiered travesty. Plus, this is McQueen, therefore, it’s the kind of drama I can appreciate.

 I could have done without that bottom tier. Actually, if you cut the bottom tier and the sleeves, this would be a sexy situation, but for Florence, this is an interpretation of who she is and her sound. Say whatever you want. This is art! You do not question McQueen! You respect and revel in McQueen. So revel!

Red carpets just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Does it have the same effect on you?

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤