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Eva “Giving Life” Longoria

Hello Darling Dolls!

I have been busy working hard with House of Lights Events and Design (do you love how I immediately plugged my new business?) that I haven’t had time for much else! You should definitely click the link above and follow our blog! Anyway, I finally watched the series finale of Desperate Housewives last night. I am so sad that I will not longer be a messy neighbor on Wisteria Lane. I think Yahoo! felt my pain because when I went to check my House of Lights Events and Design email (, I was greeted by Ms. Longoria!


This gown totally wiped out all depression I felt regarding the end of Desperate Housewives. The cherry on top is that this is Marchesa! The color and the delicate beading is reminiscent of the dress that Sofia Vergara wore to the Met Ball. The bodice is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not much a fan of this pose or this thrown together hair, but I won’t hold that against Eva. She just revived my life! I love that the bottom drama begins at the perfect spot instead of right at the knees. This is so elegant and classy! I’m in love!

Are y’all in love?

Carpe Diem Dolls,


Tashara ❤



Hello Darling Dolls!

I’m back with my favorite looks from the 2012 Met Ball. If you haven’t checked out the review on the looks I hated, then go read Metrocious now! Once again, Thank you to Yahoo! for the pics. I started the other blog discussing Queen Bey’s look at the Met Ball, so let’s follow suit and discuss her younger sister Solange‘s look. By the way, I was informed that Beyonce stans are called the “Beehive” but I like honeybee’s better. Anyway, I usually hate peplum, but Solange is werking this Rachel Roy dress! This bright yellow is perfect for her skin tone and Solange’s clutch is life.  The simple, but sophisticated accessories work so well with this look. Take a moment to admire Solo’s flawless face. WERK!

  Speaking of flawless faces, get your life right now from Ivanka!

I need to get on this Hollyweird post baby work out. This Peter Pilotto gown is uh-maazing!  There is a lot going on at the top. It’s a very classy way to do bondage. This is the kind of drama that I like and can appreciate. Do we even need to discuss the magnificence of these bangs? Perfection!  Let’s look at another beauty in blue. Come on Brook Shields! This is how you do 46. This is also how you do a cane. This is how you do the Met Ball! Go Brooke, just go girl!

Let’s switch gears a little and look at some pants suits. Zac Posen is a genius designer. Isn’t this color gorgeous! That lapel & that bowtie! Yes! I’ve never seen a tux fit so perfectly. I won’t discuss Zac’s date. Focus all your attention on him.

Let’s keep going with gorgeous. Who loves Gerard Butler? Isn’t he so scrumptious? Just gawk at him in this Alexander McQueen tux. Go ahead, gawk. You have my permission.

Let’s end our journey of tuxedos with a tailored jumpsuit.

I love and adore Janelle Monae more than most people do. Now, I don’t understand her all the time, but I still live for her. This jumpsuit was made for Ms. Monae. Do you love how the brooch matches her earrings. So classic. Janelle’s face is absolutely mesmerizing.

As I was browsing through pictures, I had to find someone who wore Marchesa. I might live for Janelle Monae, but honey I die over Marchesa and McQueen. Remember that!

This is a semi-peplum situation, but I enjoy it. Do you see the intricacy of this gown? Seriously, get really close to your screen right now and be in awe. Sofia’s face is giving nothing. I guess the hairstylists decided to join the wardrobe stylists strike, but who cares. From the neck down, Sofia Vergara is serving Marchesa marvelousness!

Lastly, y’all are going to hate me for this, but Florence Welch and I have a connection. I actually understand this tiered travesty. Plus, this is McQueen, therefore, it’s the kind of drama I can appreciate.

 I could have done without that bottom tier. Actually, if you cut the bottom tier and the sleeves, this would be a sexy situation, but for Florence, this is an interpretation of who she is and her sound. Say whatever you want. This is art! You do not question McQueen! You respect and revel in McQueen. So revel!

Red carpets just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Does it have the same effect on you?

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤


Hello Darling Dolls!

The stylist strike in Hollyweird is still going on or there is something in the water because honey I do not know what was going on at the  2012 Met Ball. Thank you to Yahoo! for supplying pics! Tomorrow I’ll review the good looks, but today my soul needs to speak on the awful situations from last night. I know that the honeybees out there are going to sting me. I am not sure what Beyonce stans are called, but honeybees seems befitting.

This graduated “ombre”  feather situation is absolutely baffling. I can’t. If the feathers were black then I would be gasping for breath and dying darling, but this Givenchy isn’t giving me what I need. I also don’t like the fit of this dress. Moving upwards, this is one sorry ponytail, but Queen Bey’s face is flawless. There was no need for makeup with all this Givenchy below the neck. On a positive note, this post baby Blue body is banging!

Since we’ve discussed Bey, let’s talk about her good friend Gwyneth Paltrow. Chiiiiillleee, this Prada, this Prada, this Prada.

Is this a satin apron with a bedazzled side pocket? Who’s left over prom shoes are these? Do y’all feel like she should be on a space ship or going as a go-go dancer at a 70’s themed costume party? I’ll move on and leave y’all to ponder those questions.

I do not enjoy Kristen Stewart as an actress. I have 1 word for this get up, because it’s definitely not an outfit. Atrocious.

 Rihanna gives me life. Usually. This dress is everything and more, but first let me ask a question. Do y’all remember these?

Now let’s quickly look at Rih’s hair..

TWINSIES!!!! I have to say it’s a Rihanna staple to serve crazy hair, so I can’t be too mad. I could deal with one of these pinball situations in the front and another in the back, but having them everywhere? I cannot. I wonder if this was one of the time’s that Rih did her makeup  like she does when she’s on tour? Let’s just look at this gorgeous Tom Ford gown. She’s giving me vintage Angela Jolie with the viles of blood and sexual rendezvous with Billy Bob in the limo. Let’s get some life, dolls!

Let’s end on a jolly note!

Was the Met Ball a costume party? If so, Kirsten Dunst came as a modern day interpretation of Ms. Clause. Let’s sing a song. You all know it. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..” She looks uncomfortable and slightly pissed off that she’s wearing this Rodarte contraption. Who put this belt on Kirsten? It is so unnecessary and out of place. And this hair.. THIS HAIR!  I zoomed in to try to figure out this mysterious jewel lining on the collar, but I can’t look at this anymore.

Have you guys look at galleries from the Met Ball? Who are your best and worst looks?

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤

Making Magic in May

Hello Darling Dolls!

It’s Monday, again. Yes, you can call me Captain Obvious. I hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was full of inspiration, creation and innovation!

 My friend and I went downtown on Friday since it was first Friday and there’s always a concert hosted by The Art of Cool Project.  The Groove Supreme  performed and they were absolutely incredible! We were so inspired we decided to keep the creative juices flowing and make some magic! We used flowers and fresh produce from Lowe’s Food, a unique chain of supermarkets based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, to create some fabulous centerpieces! Our Green with Envy collection was made with asparagus, artichoke, limes,white roses, baby’s breath and green carnation. The “bouquet” is wrapped in tulle.

“Green with Envy”

We switched gears from all of the green and tapped into our dark side. We used plums , white roses, rocks and red candles to create a darker inspired centerpiece.



We wanted to do something completely opposite of what we usually create. So we decided on small bird cages for a lighter aspect. These are simples centerpieces perfect for baby showers and kid’s birthdays.

Oh, Baby!

We were so in love with Green with Envy we decided to go back to the veggies! This magical centerpiece (my personal favorite) was made with white rocks, olive and cream candles, asparagus, limes, white roses, green carnation, baby’s breath and a lemon to complete the cornucopia. Now introducing..

Vanilla Sky

If you’re in the Raleigh, NC or VA area, go to our website House of Lights Events & Design and set up a free consultation! Let us shine the light on your special occasion!

In Business!

Hello Darling Dolls!

You all should know by now that I’m a creative soul. I have a full time job tied to a desk for 8 hours or so a day. By time I get off at 4:30, I am ready for a creative release! This blog facilitates that need, but I’m still left with a nagging urge to do more.  The past couple of years have been absolutely uncanny and unpredictable. In following the life trend, I decided to listen to my heart and pursue one of my passions. I have an inspiring friend who graciously agreed to be my business partner. Together we have formed..

House of Lights Events and Design

Proudly serving the Raleigh, NC area! 🙂 I am beyond excited! Click the link above to view our website! I’ve attached a few pictures of our work below. We specialize in weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, fashion shows, office parties, corporate events, and more! If you’re in the Raleigh area or actually anywhere in North Carolina, contact us on our website or email us  at Let us shine the light on your special occasion!

Aussie is Awesome!

Hello Darling Dolls!

Happy Monday! <– that is such an oxymoron. Last week was a little bit on the insane side, but I’m back! I hope every one had a great week and weekend filled with high heels, hot pink kisses, and animal print! That’s my idea of a great week 🙂  So today I have another treasure to share with you all. As you know, (or might not know–click here so you can know) I traded in my tracks, chopped my hair off and decided to rock my self grown hair for a while. I absolutely hated it at first, but now that it has grown out a little, I’m loving it! My hairneeds oil. It devours it, but I hate that weighed down, nasty, greasy, gunky disgusted look that you can get when you use too much product. I also hate that dry, brittle, I’m hanging on for dear life look that you can get from not using enough product.

My stylist recommended the Organix line and I started using the Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo, conditioner, and anti-breakage serum. I also purchased the Coconut Milk oil. I love this line so much, I blogged about it! I am still using all of the products, but I’ve found a better alternative to the Coconut Milk. Drumroll please…


Aussie Smoothing Serum! When I think of Aussie I imagine purple kangaroos, blonde wavy hair and the beach. I do not imagine straight smooth hair. In college, I wore my hair naturally curly and it was always hard and crunchy because I used Aussie Sprunch spray. Seriously, you could bend a curl and it would crack! Needless to say, this smoothing serum was a pleasant surprise.

I use a gracious amount of this when my hair is wet and once it’s dried I use a little bit more to tame the serious frizz situation I have going on. I’ve limited myself to only flat ironing my hair once a week, so after that’s done I apply a liiiiiittle bit more to make it silky smooth! I usually wash/condition my hair on Sundays and I don’t have to use the serum again until Wednesday! This might not be a big deal to you, but the way my hair devours oil, not having to put anything on it for 3 days is uh-maazing!

I do still recommend Coconot milk, but this serum has a thicker consistency so it works better for my hair. What are your favorite hair products?! Let’s dedicate this week to having a good hair day every day! I only say this because I just washed and conditioned yesterday & I’m getting my hair done on Thursday, so I’m guaranteed a good hair week lol Hot pink kisses to you all!

Carpe Diem Dolls,


Tashara ❤

Sensational Sigma!

Hello Darling Dolls!

It’s Monday again. Oh, joy! 🙂 The same day I received that horrible BirchBox in the mail, I was delighted to also receive my kabuki brush from Sigma. Look how cute the packaging is!

I ordered the Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki – F80.

I’ve seen many youtubers and bloggers raving about Sigma and honey they were raving for a reason! I needed a brush worthy enough to apply my new remarkable Revlon foundation and this brush is absolutely sensational. The bristles are super soft and do not feel like sandpaper like other “lower end” brushes I’ve tried. I wholeheartedly endorse this product. This brush is comparable to a MAC brush and it was only $18! I am planning to purchase a set or at least replace my most used brushes with Sigma. My next buy will be a blush brush.

Friday, Rima and I went to a magazine launch for Carolina STYLE mag and I was finally able to try out my brush! I am thoroughly pleased at how evenly I was able to apply my foundation. I will never use another sponge again!


While I’m here.. I’ll show you guys the rest of my outfit..

What I’m wearing:

  • Forever 21 Electric blue pumps
  • Xhilaration by Target turquoise pencil skirt with exposed zipper (that was not exposed)
  • Zara exposed zipper (that was exposed) polka dot blouse  (I live for the exposed zipper)
  • Charlotte Russe necklace (that Rima was gracious enough to let me borrow)
  • Peacock feather earrings

Have any of you tried Sigma brushes? If not, they have gotten the Tashara seal of approval! What are some other affordable brushes that you guys like? Let me know!

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤

American Eagle Haul

Hello Darling Dolls!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! Who’s excited about the weekend? My couch and I are going to spend some quality time together on Saturday. Anyway, American Eagle gave me a coupon code for my birthday and I had a gift card, so I got some goodies!

If you’re thinking,” Is she going to wear all of this together one day?” You’re right. I probably will.

  • Midi tribal print shorts – I prefer over the shorties. My legs are way too long for those and I personally think they’re too short even for people shorter than me.
  • V-Neck screen T– I absolutely adore this V-neck T-shirt which can be dressed up or down. I want to wear it out one night with a blazer, skinny jeans and heels or maybe with a pencil skirt. We’ll see. If you didn’t know, I’m very much into maxi dresses/skirts, floral, feathers, birds, owls, peace signs and such. I told my friend I think I’ll be a hippie in a next life or maybe I was in a past life.
  • Feather necklace– Of course, I had to have this necklace and it was only $10! SCORE!
  • Glitter loafers – These steal the show every time I wear them (which has been frequently).

This haul ended up being $51. Only $1 over the $50 limit on my gift card,  so I was well pleased! For all of you ladies who don’t need X-Long jeans, American Eagle is the place for bright-colored skinnies! If you have outrageous hips like I do, the jeggings are more forgiving than the regular skinnies. I hope all of you darling dolls have a spectacular weekend! Wear a bright color accent, put on your highest heels & blow some hot pink kisses!

Carpe Diem Dolls,


Tashara ❤

Birthday Weekend!

Hello Darling Dolls!

I must say that last weekend was absolutely UH-MAAZING! It was awesome having Tasha come to town and meet my new friends, see my new town, and dwell in my new apartment even if it was just for two days. She and I haven’t been shopping together in forever, so we hit up the mall Friday. I never find anything in H&M or Forever 21, but lo and behold, with Tasha around I found some good, affordable pieces! Woop woop! Even though we’ve been friends for about 7 years now, Tasha has only done my full face once. ONE TIME, Y’ALL! She beat me out for my wedding day (of course) and now I’ve reached another monumental time in my life–my 25th birthday! Here’s a pic of me going out on Saturday night.

What I’m wearing:

  •  American Eagle blazer – $29.99 (on sale!)
  • Forever 21 Dress – $8.80
  • Mossimo purple pumps from Target – $29.99
  • Charlotte Russe cuff – $5
  • Purple teardrop earrings from a friend – FREE!
My pony ($10.99) was inspired by Kim K and Princess Jasmine, whom Kim K actually thinks she is.

We went to a wine tasting Saturday afternoon and I wore all Old Navy everything with the exception of the fedora (b’day gift from Tasha) & my bag which was another b’day gift! Jacket – $19.99, v-neck $6, skirt $17.99, loafers $14.99

Tasha and Rima were so cute!

We had a little get together on Friday night and I must say this might be my favorite outfit I’ve worn in a while!

What I’m wearing:

  • American Eagle glitter loafers – $19.99
  • Black leggings from JCPenney – ? i’m sure they were less than $10
  • H&M Leopard tunic/dress – $12
  • Wrap around skinny belt from Old Navy – $5.99
  • Crochet crop top from Forever 21 – $12.50
  • Bangles from Wet Seal – $3.50
  • Owl feather earrings (that you can’t see) from JcPenney – $3

I have to say that Tasha does some uh-maazing makeup. Here’s a close up of her eyes on Saturday. I will ask her what colors she’s wearing and then force her to do a video on this look! Isn’t it gorg?!

Here’s a close picture of us on Saturday night:

I can’t forget Rima who looked absolutely amazing in a sequined mini from Express and smokey eye by Tasha!

 I love how all three of us are totally different, have completely different styles, but mesh so well together!

The weekend was great and I also got some pretty snazzy gifts! 🙂 Happy Birthday to all you April babies out there!

Carpe Diem Dolls,


Tashara ❤

April BirchBox

Hello Darling Dolls!

Happy Monday! My birthday weekend was spectacular! I have plenty of pics to show you guys, but I’ll do that later. Just know that the weekend was full of fashion and fun! Before I show what I received in my Birchbox, let me rant first. I did not want this Birchbox. Like on most online services now a days, I thought there was a skip the month option. I checked my account as I usually do and saw a purchase for Birchbox for $10. Y’all just do not know how mad I was when I saw this. Now if I want to reinstate my membership with Birchbox, I have to be on a waiting list again. THEN when I opened my mailbox today there was a mini Birchbox in comparison to the box I received last month. So not only did I get a box I didn’t want, I got a minibox. If you can’t tell, I’m a little ticked off about this. I like the idea of Birchbox, but I feel like they need to clean up the system a little bit. ANYWAY, this month’s products were all natural.

  • Befine Skincare Sampler
  • Dirt Luxe salt scrub in lemon leaf
  • Orofluido Beauty Elixir for hair – I tried this today. It works wonders, adds shine but doesn’t weigh down the hair. An added plus is that it smells wonderful! I did a homemade hot oil treatment last night and with this added shine, my hair is extra happy!
  • Vapour Organic Beauty Elixir Lipgloss – This is a pretty color. I will debut it at work tomorrow.
  • Le Palais des Thes tea bags – Honey, I can’t pronounce this, but I’m sure this tea is superb! I will let you know.
I’m not wowed, impressed or excited. If you received a BirchBox this month, I hope it was better than mine!
Carpe Diem Dolls,
Tashara ❤