TNT Style

TNT are TOTALLY different. Find out which T  best suits you!

If you’re edgy and have a wild side, Tasha fits you to a T! Sam Edelman met up with Betsy Johnson and had a baby named Tasha. She rocks long hair and doesn’t care to switch to a short cut with streaks in her bang. Tasha pulls off and isn’t afraid of a little color whether it’s in her hair or on her lids. Though black is required by MAC, Tasha enjoys bold prints and bright colors. And like any girl with long legs, well actually, any girl with feet; heels are a MUST! If you love quirky T-shirts and tanks, spikes, studs, bling and gaudy statement pieces, you and Tasha are a match made in fashion heaven.

Are you tall, but cannot live without heels over 3 inches? Speaking of inches, do you have a degree in “weaveology?” Do you take chances with mixing patterns, textures and color? Most importantly, do you believe that animal print is a necessity for most outfits and home decor? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Tashara fits you to a T! Chanel, Old Navy, and American Eagle had a threesome and birthed Tashara. Her style is classic, yet trendy. When it comes to jewelry, Tashara is a minimalist. Who can see earrings underneath a mass of big hair, anyway? Channel your inner Tashara and go put on a striped shirt, skinny jeans and leopard print flats!

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