Birthday Weekend!

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

I must say that last weekend was absolutely UH-MAAZING! It was awesome having Tasha come to town and meet my new friends, see my new town, and dwell in my new apartment even if it was just for two days. She and I haven’t been shopping together in forever, so we hit up the mall Friday. I never find anything in H&M or Forever 21, but lo and behold, with Tasha around I found some good, affordable pieces! Woop woop! Even though we’ve been friends for about 7 years now, Tasha has only done my full face once. ONE TIME, Y’ALL! She beat me out for my wedding day (of course) and now I’ve reached another monumental time in my life–my 25th birthday! Here’s a pic of me going out on Saturday night.

What I’m wearing:

  •  American Eagle blazer – $29.99 (on sale!)
  • Forever 21 Dress – $8.80
  • Mossimo purple pumps from Target – $29.99
  • Charlotte Russe cuff – $5
  • Purple teardrop earrings from a friend – FREE!
My pony ($10.99) was inspired by Kim K and Princess Jasmine, whom Kim K actually thinks she is.

We went to a wine tasting Saturday afternoon and I wore all Old Navy everything with the exception of the fedora (b’day gift from Tasha) & my bag which was another b’day gift! Jacket – $19.99, v-neck $6, skirt $17.99, loafers $14.99

Tasha and Rima were so cute!

We had a little get together on Friday night and I must say this might be my favorite outfit I’ve worn in a while!

What I’m wearing:

  • American Eagle glitter loafers – $19.99
  • Black leggings from JCPenney – ? i’m sure they were less than $10
  • H&M Leopard tunic/dress – $12
  • Wrap around skinny belt from Old Navy – $5.99
  • Crochet crop top from Forever 21 – $12.50
  • Bangles from Wet Seal – $3.50
  • Owl feather earrings (that you can’t see) from JcPenney – $3

I have to say that Tasha does some uh-maazing makeup. Here’s a close up of her eyes on Saturday. I will ask her what colors she’s wearing and then force her to do a video on this look! Isn’t it gorg?!

Here’s a close picture of us on Saturday night:

I can’t forget Rima who looked absolutely amazing in a sequined mini from Express and smokey eye by Tasha!

 I love how all three of us are totally different, have completely different styles, but mesh so well together!

The weekend was great and I also got some pretty snazzy gifts! 🙂 Happy Birthday to all you April babies out there!

Carpe Diem Dolls,


Tashara ❤