Target Love!

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

To counter all of the negativity from my rant about Covergirl’s LastBlast , this blog will be about a few of my newly purchased items from Target! Did y’all know that I love Target? I do. I have an outfit that I want to show that’s all Target everything, but I’ll show you guys when I actually wear it. I needed new supplies for my new short hairdo (if you haven’t seen it yet, check out No Hair, Don’t Care.I went to Target to get some of the recommended products from my stylist. I couldn’t wait to wash my hair because I felt like she used too much oil and my hair was stuck to my head like a helmet! I bought a trial pack of Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy shampoo, conditioner, and anti-breakage serum. I also picked up some coconut milk by Organix.

Y’all these products are UH-MAAZING!!!!!! I have naturally curly hair. I know you’re probably thinking, yeah yeah, but I really do. In college, I wore my hair natural and Tasha didn’t even think it was capable of being straight. The only shampoo/conditioner that I’ve encountered (prior to Organix) that has really tamed and straightened my hair was Herbal Essence Dangerously Straight. Now I can’t find it anywhere!! 😦 I’m not a fan of oil, but oil is a fan of my hair. This coconut milk does the trick! It moisturizes without leaving my hair feeling weighed down and greasy. It is lightweight and smells like liquid angels in a bottle! I 100% recommend Organix for all hair types and textures! For an added bonus, Olive Oil Hair Mayonaisse is pretty spectacular for a deep condition. (It’s not gross like it sounds–trust me).

I’m nearing the end of my Clean & Clear oil-free moisturizer and as I was about to pick it up, the Target brand caught my eye. The green cap lured me in.


This moisturizer kicks Clean & Clear’s butt and I live for Clean & Clear. Tasha is so dedicated to Clean and Clear she won’t even let me speak of any other products! This moisturizer is so creamy, yet it doesn’t make my face feel like I just rubbed it with vaseline. All you need is one squirt and you’re good! I went to a spa party last weekend and the lady squirted us once and I had to constantly tell her, “Ma’am, I have a big face. Help me out here.” I’m just one of those people who doesn’t know the meaning of “use sparingly.” If you ever see me put blush on, you would think I’m going to use the whole container on one cheek. This same concept applies with the Organix Coconut Oil. Depending on how much hair you have you could use two squirts. Once again, I 100% recommend Target brand dual treatment moisturizer!

Go browse the aisles of Target and come back and tell me what you get! There’s always something new to discover!

Carpe Diem Dolls,


Tashara ❤