Reuniting + Revlon = Remarkable

by TNTBombDotCom

Hello Darling Dolls!

First, Tasha and I want to thank you guys for all of your help with the NYX Face Awards contest!! Thank you for reblogging, liking the video, and for all of your support and comments! Hot pink kisses all around! We will announce the winner of the NYX Giveaway later on. How was everyone’s weekend?! In my MizOutlet Haul blog, I told you guys that I would be in Alabama for the weekend and that Tasha and I would reunite! We did and it felt oh so good! Look!

I took my weave off and Tasha put it on! Aren’t we so cute? 🙂 She will be in town for my birthday this weekend and we will have plenty of pics to post next week. We might even do a video together! Before I go into my Revlon rant, I want to show you guys the fabulous birthday gift that I g-hub Ryan bought me! Let’s add another to my Firkin collection. I will say that I do not approve of fake Chanel, Gucci, yada yada. Y’all need to save and buy one of those, but unless I’m going to be the next June Ambrose, it’ll take an eternity for me to save to buy a Birkin..

Isn’t she darling?! Do you recognize my blouse? I’m wearing two of my goodies from my Express Haul. I wish you could see the whole outfit. I also wore my leopard Shoedazzle wedges, a necklace from my MizOutlet Haul , and bangles from Wet Seal. Now for the matter at hand! My foundation that I’m wearing is Revlon ColorStay.

The K-Mart in my hometown is closing and all of the makeup was 50% off! I racked up, y’all! Each day this week, I will show items that I purchased. I don’t usually compare high-end products and drug store products, but this foundation is comparable to Smashbox!

I got this foundation at a steal for $6.50 and I should have bought the rest of the stock. I am a firm believer in the phrase, “You get what you pay for,” so I am okay with splurging on necessities such as foundation. I lived and breathed dream matte mousse for years and I must say this Revlon foundation beats out any drugstore foundation that I have ever tried! I’m also wearing a Revlon lipstick in the above picture and it’s not my favorite, but I will let them slide.

Anyway, this foundation is so lightweight, the application is so smooth and let’s just use another cliché phrase, “A little goes a long way.” Let me tell you how you know your foundation is on point.. when someone tells you that they can’t tell you have on makeup. My mom made a comment that she could not tell I was wearing foundation. That is the best compliment that any makeup fanatic can get! I hope you can guys feel my excitement through your screens! Revlon ColorStay Foundation officially has the Tashara stamp of approval! Which drug store foundation is your favorite? Comment and share your excitement! lol

Carpe Diem Dolls,

Tashara ❤